Get more facebook page likes

This is a really quick tip of how get more facebook page likes for your business from people who already like your facebook posts.

Sometimes people like our posts but will not receive anymore updates about your business on facebook because they do not like your facebook page. Now you can invite people who like your posts to like your page.

You can look at the video to see how or just follow these steps:

  • Log into on a web browser on a PC or mac.
  • From the drop down on the far top right hand corner of your screen, click on your business page name under “Your Pages”.
  • At the end of a post under the comment, like and share buttons click on the names of people who like your post.
  • A popup will appear, click on the invite button if it is active across for any persons name on the list.
  • Now scroll down and do it for all your posts!
Did you know you can invite people who like your facebook posts to like your facebook business page for free Click To Tweet

Now you have invited all the people who like your facebook posts to like your facebook page, not a bad few minutes works, eh?


The Inc60 Team
When we discover something in business we like to share it, we hope our discoveries help you in your business.