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Creating a brand

People talk about brand so much and very often simply mean at logo or identity. It’s actually your character or personality. You can aim to create your own brand but ultimately it’s all about how you are perceived by your customers, partners, colleagues and peers. Your brand is how you answer the phone, how easy your website is to navigate and how people engage with your product or service.

What is key for Inc60™ is the consideration of all of these elements combined, especially in a digital sense. You can never take one thing in isolation. When we design an app prototype for example we need to ensure everything is consistent and works well together seamlessly.

We have over 20 years experience creating identities for all sorts of organisations so if you’re refreshing or starting, why not give us a call today?

 This is an excellent podcast well worth a listen to on “Archetypes” we did with David Chapin on Making the Complex Compelling which is simply the character and tone of voice adopted by your entire business. Whether it’s a one person operation or 100.

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