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Here are some of the great companies that have shared business advice and expertise via business podcasts & videos for Irish Business.

Companies who have provided casts

Niamh Shaw Logo

Niamh Shaw Inc

Niamh Shaw Inc.Dr. Niamh Shaw is an Irish engineer, scientist and performer. She is passionate about igniting peoples curiosity and particularly interested in doing this by combining creativity with science topics. She presents the human story of science, creating theatre shows, public events and contributions to media with this focus. She has set herself a life’s mission to get to space, an artist and explorer. She hopes that by sharing the human story behind such a venture, it will help us better understand our place in the story of...
Persona Design Logo

Persona Branding and Design

Persona Branding and Design As branding professionals, we have an insatiable curiosity to know what matters to our client’s customers. The things that drive, excite and empower each of those individuals to make your brand, their brand of preferred choice.Our desire to know your customer intimately, their wants, loves, hates and aspirations so we can build a brand to meet their needs, has underpinned more than two successful decades of brand building. This expertise is put to work on your behalf to grow your business. It’s this customer-centric approach that...
BuyMedia Logo - Advertising

BuyMedia – Inc60™ Business Podcast – Advertising

Buymedia Buymedia can support you in not only booking your advertising campaigns but in strategising where best to allocate your budget. Learn more about why your last campaign didn’t generate the business you thought it would and find out how it is possible to monitor and measure your ad campaigns more effectively. Contact Details BuyMedia  - Like us on Facebook  - Follow us on Twitter Return to Casters
People Matters - HR Company

People Matters

People Matters Delivering success through HR. People Matters From our base in Co. Mayo, Ireland, we work with a range of businesses and organisations to deliver customised HR solutions locally and aim to maximise the value of your people resources to the success of your business. The following are our key areas of expertise. Talk to us about your specific requirements. People Development Empowering people to reach their full potential and deliver Business Success through Leadership skills, Coaching and Teamwork. People Strategy Ensuring your most valuable people assets are aligned with your Business Plan through clear...
South West Mayo Development

South West Mayo Development

South West Mayo Development Company South West Mayo Development Company is the Local Integrated Development Company, supporting communities and individuals throughout south and west Mayo.This development support is provided by the management and delivery of the following Rural Development Programme (LEADER) 2014-2020 and other schemes. Contact Details South West Mayo Development Company  - Like us on Facebook  - Follow us on Twitter Return to Casters
Talent Attract

Talent Attract

Talent Attract Harness the power of recruitment marketing & employer branding to attract and retain top talent. Talent Attract offers the following services: Candidate Attraction Attract top talent to your business using tried and tested recruitment marketing methods. Employee retention Hold on to your best employees for longer through improving your employer brand. Recruitment agency training Attract a higher calibre of candidate for your clients using recruitment marketing and understanding employer branding. Contact Details Talent Attract  - Like us on Facebook  - Follow us on LinkedIn  - Follow us on Twitter Return to Casters
Jason Treu

Jason Treu

Jason TreuAt the heart of strategy is the understanding that people and relationships are your true "wealth". Everything accomplished in life is with or through other people. Jason works with experts, entrepreneurs and executives to help get them unstuck and stand out by building key skill sets, creating their vision and purpose, and building key relationships that impact the bottom line. Contact Details Jason Treu  - Follow @jasontreu on Twitter Return to Casters
Learn Inbound

Learn Inbound

Learn Inbound Learn Inbound was born in 2013 when Mark Scully met Siobhán McGinty - a fellow digital marketer based in Dublin who shared a similar passion for inbound marketing.Together, they decided to form a community of like minded people in Ireland that would come together at quarterly digital marketing events to learn from world leading speakers. The aim was to teach marketers the latest tips, tactics and strategies that they could bring back to the office the very next day to have an immediate effect on their campaigns.After three...
White Seahorse

White Seahorse

White Seahorse Publishing White Seahorse provide strategic marketing and communications services as well as design, copywriting and publishing services.White Seahorse Press is a specialty publishing services provider. They have several book titles in their repertoire and provide consulting services to authors interested in self-publishing. They can help you get your book printed on demand online, or convert it to several different eBook formats - including Amazon's Kindle. As prior book printers, marketers, and authors, they can advise you from a knowledgeable perspective on what it takes to create, publish, launch...
Turn Key Design - Business

Connectable Design & Dev

Connectable Design & Dev For more than a decade, Connectable Designs have been honing the process of developing products from the ground-up. From intelligent and thoughtful Concepts and Industrial Design to fully engineered solutions. Prototyping and testing through to manufacturing and logistics - They cover the entire process for their clients. They provide end-to-end design, development, and manufacturing for an extremely diverse range of products in almost every vertical imaginable. Contact Details  - Like us on FacebookReturn to Casters

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